Toi, Moi, Bébé

Toi, Moi, Bébé is a remote intervention course produced by a clinical and research team from the CHU Sainte-Justine to promote the mental health and well-being of future and new parents. 

Face à Face

Face à Face Listening and Intervention Centre is a non-profit community organization dedicated to addressing the concerns of individuals in need. Face à Face is committed to social justice and a community approach to problem resolution which enables Face à Face to provide effective front-line and immediate services. Services include counseling services, active listening & referrals, housing search, and mail reception.

ANEB Anorexia and Bulimia Quebec

Immediate, specialized, and free help for people with an eating disorder and their loved ones.

Centre de crise IRIS

The IRIS Association’s mission is to promote and provide services, with or without accommodation, aimed at the social reintegration of individuals suffering from mental health issues who are temporarily unable to function in society and who seek help to overcome their situation. IRIS offers a range of diverse and tailored services grouped into four main areas: 24/7 crisis intervention for those experiencing psychosocial or psychiatric difficulties, supervised residential resources for individuals with severe and persistent mental health disorders, support for independent living with external services from community centers in North Montreal and Laval, and a psychoanalytic clinical approach emphasizing the expression of clients’ subjectivity, desire, and speech. 

Vicky (Support Line)

Auberge Transition

Primary mandate is to offer shelter, information, counselling and follow-up services to women who are currently experiencing or have experienced any form of spousal abuse.

Regroupement des Services D’Intervention de Crise du Québec

Consultation, evaluation, referrals, orientation, follow-up and, in certain cases, access to shelter to individuals going through a difficult situation or crisis.

Le Centre de Crise le Transit

Help support people who feel overwhelmed by a stressful life event or insurmountable difficulty.