REISA’s employability initiative, funded by the Secretariat à la Jeunesse, seeks to link English-speaking youth to employability services offered by the provincial government.

The project has two main objectives:

  • To increase the capacity of Carrefours Jeunesse-Emploi (CJEs) to serve English-speaking youth

  • To build awareness of CJEs and other employability organizations among English-speaking youth.

Mental Health

REISA’s mental health initiative objective is to educate youth on the realities of mental health while providing participants with east-end mental health services, tools and resources accessible to them in their preferred language.

Our Network

Our Youth Network has created a network of youth organizations servicing both English and French speaking youth (12-30) in Montreal’s East and North island territories.

Work in Schools

Our established network has been able to bring valuable workshops to English high schools located in the East and North of Montreal. Workshops have included legal topics, educational activities on healthy lifestyle habits, anti-bullying, acting and improvisation classes.