Network and Partnership Initiative

The Networking and Partnership Initiative (NPI) is a program designed to support Quebec’s minority English-speaking communities in improving and maintaining access to the full range of Health and Social Services. The program supports the capacity of Quebec’s English-speaking communities to ensure their vitality through cooperation and partnership with the health and social services system. To achieve this, the program currently funds the development of 25 community health and social service networks (NPIs). Funding for this program is provided by Health Canada and the project is managed by CHSSN.


REISA’s outreach activities are designed to support community health and social services networks their outreach efforts, to better identify and engage vulnerable and often hard-to-reach English speakers. REISA supports activities such as: information gathering/studies to better understand needs; offering information and referral; navigation of services; accompaniment; communications and advocacy; outreach initiatives designed to improve the overall health and well-being of this clientele; and informing and supporting health and social service providers to better reach and serve vulnerable English-speaking populations.