How to Build Your Mental Health Support Network and 5 things to do when you are down

Taking care of your mental health should always be a priority and at times we might need help.
Here are two resources shared by ARC Health & Social Services on How to Build Your Mental Health Support Network and 5 things to do when you are down. 🌈

Staying on Your Feet – 8 Steps

Activity and Keeping Active Booklets for dementia patients and their caregivers

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it became necessary for the McGill School of Physical and Occupational Therapy to offer alternative clinical learning experiences for their students.

Graduate occupational therapy students Nicole Drinkwater, Emma Vadot, Madde MacDougall and Chrissy MacDonald developed an activity booklet for caregivers and their loved ones who are living with dementia, under the supervision of Marie-Eve Bolduc, Assistant Professor (Professional) at the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy. 


Download (PDF, 21.39MB)


Download (PDF, 18.03MB)

Food Resources in Saint-Laurent open during pandemic

Comité des Organismes Sociaux de Saint-Laurent has prepared a non-exhaustive directory of Arrondissement de Saint-Laurent food resources open to everyone during the pandemic. 🏪🛍️


Download (PDF, 328KB)

Mental Illness in Canada Infographic

Did you know that about 1 in 3 Canadians will be affected by mental illness in their lifetime?

In recognition of National Mental Illness Awareness Week which took place October 4–10th 2020, Public Health Agency of Canada has published the Mental Illness in Canada infographic, which is the first to present information on the prevalence of mental illness in Canada using data from the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System (CCDSS).


Download (PDF, 949KB)

Calm Down Strategies for Kids

Calm Down Strategies for kids 😌🧘