Health Canada: Information for families during the shortage of formula for infants with food allergies

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Published June 9 2022.

Update – December 15th 2020


Non-essential commercial enterprises  Closure between December 25th to January 10th 2021 inclusively 
Téléwork for offices between

December 17th and January 10th, 2021 inclusively except:

  • For jobs where presence is deemed necessary by employer, private or public.
Elementary & high schools

Closure between December 17th and January 10th, 2021 inclusively.

Classes to be conducted remotely during this period based on school calendar.

Education services and day cares
  • Day cares stay open, parents are invited to keep children at home.
  • School childcare services will stay open for children whose parents are deemed essential workers.
Outdoor activities

Allowed starting December 17th: 

  • Maximum of 8 people
  • No private or public gatherings outdoors.
People living alone and family bubble

Between Dec 17th to January 10th:

  • Possibility for people living alone and their children to choose a single-family bubble and join together for certain activities during holiday season.

Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit

Caring for a child or family member unable to attend their school, daycare, or other care facilities due to #COVID19? You may be eligible for the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit. ⬇️


July 13th Update 🌈

New directives on the use of face covers or masks in enclosed public places 😷😷

Updated Sheets for Caregivers and Informal Caregivers

Information sheet for informal caregivers and visitors whose loved one is institutionalized and who had previously provided their presence on a regular basis will be able to resume the assistance and support given.

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Guide Summarizing The Main Directives

Over the past several weeks, certain activities have gradually resumed in Québec. 
Here is a guide summarizing the directives on the resumptions of activities. 

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For further information on specific activities click on the link below: