Complexe Funéraire Loreto

Funeral Home

Magnus-Poirier Funeral Home

Funeral Home


Information and resources for individuals involved in or enquiring about cults, religious movements and related groups.

The English Speaking Catholic Council

Resource center for the English-speaking Catholic community; information and referral to organizations across the island of Montreal.

Church of St. Cuthbert, St. Hilda and St. Luke

Holds regular church service, children activities, community and outreach programs including providing assistance, clothing, food and justice for refugees, and hosts supper clubs

Maria Ausiliatrice

Holds regular Sunday service, parents meetings, visit to the sick and other services available.

Our Lady of Consolata Church

Hold regular Sunday service.

Our Lady of Mont-Carmel Church

Holds regular Sunday service, organizes pilgrimages, social and community action activities and youth ministry that provides different activities for youth including youth group, choir and volunteering opportunities.

Our Lady of Pompei

Holds regular Sunday service

Saint-Aloysius Parish

Holds regular Sunday service. Also hosts number of services that help, involve and improve community life.