The Path Less Taken

The Tandem Prevention CDN-NDG project, The Path Less Taken,  is a silent short film funded by the Government of Canada through its senior programs. The film’s objective is to prevent and raise awareness of various situations of psychological abuse, neglect, ageism, financial fraud and systemic abuse. 

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Elderly Abuse Helpline

The mistreatment of older adult is a reality.  If you know of an older adult who is being mistreated call the helpline 1-888-489-2287. 

You can also visit their website: 

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Information sheet on seniors’ residence (RPA) Update March 25th

Information sheet on measures in force for families and informal or family caregivers whose loved ones reside in a private seniors’ residence (RPA).


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Story Time Session #47

Happy Thursday!!🤩🤩Welcome to Story Time, we are so glad to see you! Enjoy this story where Tigger learns a valuable lesson. Please share and send us your feedback. TTFN – Ta-ta-for-now!🌈🌞


Story Time Session #50

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Steps for Making An Appointment Online

Still uncertain on how to book an appointment to get the vaccine?
Follow this instructional video by Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS)

Information Sheet – Viral Vector-Based COVID-19 Vaccine – March 10th Update

Vaccination is the best protection against COVID-19 and its complications, in addition to other measures such as physical distancing, wearing a medical mask or face covering, and hand washing.


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Story Time Session #49

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Canada Suicide Prevention Service

The Canada Suicide Prevention Service is available for those in need of help or in need of other resources.
Canada Suicide Prevention Service | Crisis Services Canada