Centre de service et d’intégration des minorités culturelles (CSIMC)

Community and Youth Centers Community Organization Education Food and Clothing Banks
Services: The organization focuses on several key areas: addressing and preventing issues faced by underprivileged youth dealing with poverty and social integration; providing education, advice, and other support services to immigrants and refugees in need; alleviating poverty by supplying food and essential items to the impoverished and new arrivals; promoting education and academic perseverance among young allophones, Creole speakers, and those whose parents have low educational attainment; and promoting racial equality by raising awareness and educating the public about discrimination and racial prejudice through debates and group discussions. Social Integration. Tutoring. Food Distribution. Educational Activities.
5809 Boul Gouin O Bureau 101, Montreal, Quebec H4J 1E3
Phone: 514-952-8400
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