Supplement for Handicapped Children – Retraite Quebec

Regardless of family income or type of handicap, financial assistance offered for families to help with the care and education of a child with a handicap.

Specialized Dental Services- CHU Sainte Justine

Specialized dentists qualified to treat patients needing specific care related to developmental problems, emotional disorders or physical or mental disabilities.

Accompanying Card – Bus Carriers Federation

Grants free passage to anyone accompanying a person with a disability, anywhere in the Quebec.

The ABE Gold Learning and Research Centre

Private, not-for-profit organization developing services and research to support people with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities.

The Autism Spectrum Disorders Program – Montréal Children’s Hospital

A program offering diagnostic services for children with suspected autism spectrum disorders.


Organisation that provide activities for persons who are physically-handicapped.

Child Assistance Payment – Retraite Quebec

Financial assistance paid to all eligible families with one or more dependent child under the age of 18 living with them.

West Montreal Readaptation Centre – Centre de réadaptiation de l’Ouest de Montréal

Incorporate services designed to meet the needs of people of all ages with a global development delay, intellectual disibality, social communication disorder, autism or physical disability.

Yoga With Jackie

Certified Yoga Instructor and Support Worker who is certified to work with children and teens with ADHD and Autism.

Association Québécoise de Musicothérapie

Provincial database of music therapists that connects parents, professionals and organizations.