Liaison pilot project: CLSC Mercier-Est-Anjou presentation of services to Almage Seniors Center

In April 2015, a focus group was held at the Almage Seniors Center where the English-speaking seniors voiced the need to gain a better knowledge of the services offered by their local CLSC, and the need to have a better understanding of the complaint system. On February 23, REISA organized a presentation given by Carolyn Mrazik and Nina Echegoyen, respectively social worker and nurse in home support services from the CLSC Mercier-Est-Anjou.

Both presenters demystified the trajectory of a request for services at the CLSC from the initial contact up to the delivery of the specific services and presented the process of lodging a formal complaint as in most cases, the seniors were not aware of how to do this.  They also encouraged the seniors to exercise their right to get adequate services in English. This presentation was a joint initiative from the partnership between REISA, Almage and the Mercier-Est-Anjou CLSC under the Liaison pilot project.