Laurier Macdonald Community Learning Center

Services: Various activities and services for the community for students in connection to their cirruculum. This includes: LMAC Bees (Science, Media, Personal Projects, Community & Service); Blanket Exercise (History & Histoire); La Course du Chemin du Roy (Phys. Ed, Health, Links to Community); MADD Presentation (Ethics); Bootcamp & Crossfit with Citalfort (Phys. Ed, Health, Links to Community); Le Prince Serpent SPVM & YMCA, play on dangers of gangs; Royal Bank of Canada Presentations (Financial Education, Business Management); Almage Intergenerational project (English); Neighborhood Interviews (French, English, Creative Writing); E-Games – League of Legends tournaments (Community building); LDVC DJ Battle Encouraging students with a passion and aspiration to compete in professional forum; Scientific cooking -Science students using their knowledge of conversions to bake.
7355 Boul. Viau, Montréal , H1S 3C2 .
Phone: 514 374 6000
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